Reading Morandi – MARY ELLEN BARTLEY


Photography by Mary Ellen Bartley

Design: VisiOnAir Studio

Layout design: Lorenzo Rapparini

size 18×21,5 cm , 58 pages

Softcover french binding with a jacket, Printed in 4 colours.

First Edition of 500 copies: 2024

ISBN: 979-12-80978-09-7

Cover price: 50 Euro (VAT included)



“Reading Morandi is a collection of photographs taken by Mary Ellen Bartley during her artist residency at Casa Morandi, Giorgio Morandi’s home and studio in Bologna, and at his summer home in nearby Grizzana. The book is published in conjunction with the exhibition Mary Ellen Bartley: Morandi’s Books at Museo Morandi. The folded images, outtakes and incidental photographs taken during her stay, draw attention to the peripheral, as what was in the center moves to the edge of the page. These pages bound together offer a quiet dialogue between the traces Morandi left, in the books he studied, the objects he painted, and the atmosphere of his most intimate spaces.”

Mary Ellen Bartley

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