After Morandi – GARY GREEN


Photography by Gary Green

Size of the Book: 33.5 x 22 cm

32 pages – Three color printing
Hardcover package

Published in English

Cover price: 45,00 Euro (VAT included)


The result of an artistic pilgrimage to the home and studio of the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, this new artist’s book by Gary Green is more than a mere tribute. Titled After Morandi, the book presents a real encounter, a dialogue, from which sprang this grouping of photographs that interpret rather than describe Morandi’s artistic legacy. In notes at the end of the book, Green tells us the project was intended as a conversation with the work of Morandi and, that while some of the photographs present a direct response to that, Green hopes that most of them connect more tangentially through materials, objects, and geography. This work by Gary Green, American photographer and educator, is not didactic but capable instead of inspiring memory and capturing beauty.

Steve Bisson

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