Golden Youth | Special Edition Box Set


Photography by Oliver Kruger
Text: Sean O’Toole

Size of the Book: 24.5 x 30.5 cm
Size of the Box Set: 26 x 32.5 cm

72 pages – Four color printing
Hardcover package

Published in English

Limited Edition of 25 copies presented in a clothbound box

Cover price: 400,00 Euro (VAT included)

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« Golden Youth is not a document of any particular Joburg sub-culture, nor is it a study of consumerism. It does not explain the izikhothane, those cloth-burning youths from Soweto who are the latest subject of written enquiry by pedigreed explainers of things. Golden Youth is, quite simply, a portrait study of some Johannesburg youth at a very particular moment in time, the city’s time as much as their personal biographies. »
« It is a very thin slice of people seen at a very specific time, » says Oliver. « It is not a broad statement about Joburg. » And yet, he concedes, the idea of Joburg is contained in every portrait. « This particular look and style could come from nowhere else. »

Sean O’Toole

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