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Larry Fink "The Polarities"

Curated by Laura Serani

Design by Gianni Giulianelli

L'Artiere Publishing

There is a magnet within each of us. A polar pull from the inner eye, depending on how strong the magnet is it organizes the scope of its interest.


Some folks can only see diamonds, others oranges. One or two will be drawn only to zebras.

Human magnetism is orchestrated to be both attracted to and repelled by each other. The reasons may be beauty, power, money, physical prowess, and sometimes depth of soul. We harbor both clear-sighted curiosity and its revealing antithesis. 


The lists of magnetic attractions are long; bees, flowers, snakes, frogs, dogs, bones, cats, mice, moon, the sun and the long run of polarities that chase away similitude and add to the texture of living a broad life. 

As a human and then as a photographer, I am aroused by a multitude of things, may they be political, or funky from the earth. Perhaps light caressing texture with no specific literal origin or a face drawn with a map of distress.  A glean of an eye with a wanton hunger, all things within my scope of attention search for identity. It is this identity that I try to connect with and give form and force to.


For me, everything is sensual and visceral. By photographing I attempt to reach thorough the surface and touch something within the object or experience.

My life has been a grab bag of specific impulses.


The pictures that I show here are from within, but without the world large and real. I do not exist.


Enjoy my life I want it to be if only for a moment, your own.



Larry Fink

April 2017



Photography by  Larry Fink

Text:Laura Serani

L'Artiere Publishing


Size of the book: 24.5 x 30.5 cm

144 pages - Three tone printing

First Edition: 700 copies

Hardcover package

Published in English

Cover price: 45,00 Euro (VAT included)