Landscape Materials – Special Edition

Landscape Materials – Special Edition

Edoardo Hahn





Print: Signed and Numbered by the author; size 16×16 on Fine Art Paper 310 gr

Photography by  Edoardo Hahn

Text: Steve Bisson; Nicola Braghieri


Size of the book: 20.5 x 26.5 cm

104 pages – Four-colour printing

Softcover package

Published in English / Italian

Cover price: 120,00 Euro (VAT included)


Landscape Materials by Edoardo Hahn is a pioneering book. A courageous work that challenges its own function.

The landscape is not something whose borders we can control, and define unambiguously the context. We should radically reject the claim, all human, to rationalize the landscape, or to describe it, to own it, to set it aside. 

The landscape is fractal, its meaning is impalpable and slips like sand between your hands. It seems to make fun of those who are looking at it. Images fly away from the page and perhaps from our own understanding. As if a book is no longer enough to contain them. The author disappears into the landscape, accepting the natural complexity of things, their randomness. No page, no photography is more important than the others because they vibrate together, without arrogance, without shortcuts or unnecessary graphic premeditation.

Steve Bisson

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