Ici Ou Ailleurs – LISA SARTORIO


Photography by Lisa Sartorio

Design: VisiOnAir Studio

Text: Maud De La Forterie

Size of the book: 18 x 18 cm

48 pages – printed in Duotone.

1 softcover book in a clamshell box

Published in French and English

First Edition 350 copies

ISBN: 979-12-809780-80

Cover price: 100 Euro (VAT included)

With the support of EYE Art Dotation


“Wars have existed since I was born, they are a kind of background against which my life unfolds, but I have no experience of these wars other than that of a screen, I am just a passive witness.

Photographs of war are supposed to inform us, to bear witness, but the media smooth them out and their circulation impoverishes and distorts them.

So what comes next, what comes after everything has been said…

I don’t know if flat images are enough to tell the story, to bear witness, to inform. I doubt it. I need to touch, to question the distance we have taken with these images. I need to model to summon up new signs. To make the gesture a space for traversing the layers of time, to create interstices, zones of disfigurement where our memory and our forgetfulness can emerge.

In the skin of the image, I look for material to awaken thought, to let it seep through. A place for deep reflection that would open up thousands of representations that would take in the density and complexity of the world around me. I’m looking for a mental place, a memorial space, that would immediately question the re-presentation of images and that would immediately question History”.

Extract from the film Lisa Sartorio Faire Surface by Stanislav Valade

production AMartfilms

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