Will my Mannequin be home when I return? | Limited Edition


Photography by Arko Datto
Design by Nicolas Polli

Size of the Book: 23 x 30.5 cm

194 pages – 
Six colors printing + 2 more Fluo passage
Paperback with luminescent silkscreen

Published in English

First Edition: 50 copies

Cover price: 150,00 Euro (VAT included)

The Limited Edition of ‘Will My Mannequin be Home When I Return?’ is the whole book reprinted on top of the normal edition and to use Arko Datto’s words: « If the book is a nightmare, this is schizophrenia ».
Each page presents different layers of ink and meaning, challenging the viewer’s eye by repeating contents, never randomly but always out of complete control, also dealing with the idea of offset print leftovers, and with the conceptual issue of loosing control on the initial material.

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