Edges of Time – Issue N.13 – FELICIA MURRAY


Photography by Felicia Murray
Curated by Larry Fink

Size of the book: 24.5 x 30.5 cm

72 pages – Three color printing
Hardcover package

First Edition: 500 copies

Published in English

Cover price: 55,00 Euro (VAT included)


There was a Canaletto hanging in a tilted fashion in the living room. There was a Matisse winking at the dog. Such was the home of Felicia’s grandmother, profound evidence of major cultural sophistication which informed her talent and gave birth to Felicia’s perception.
Most passionately evident in Felicia’s images is her seductive talent for living within the moment.

This collection has an ironic fascination for all things which breath and shimmer in the surreal light of time passing. Ever since I’ve known her, 35 years now, she has been using the Leica and now the Sony to record her ferocious appetite for people, places and things… peeking in through the experiences she reaped in Paris, New York, Martha’s Vineyard and Arles, France.

All things are intimate for a curious eye, as each of these images presented have clues to an inner world… the world of Felicia’s eye and the world of those whom she perceives. We are privileged to be gifted with her keen visions, as they speak of places where most do not go. It suggests an eternal bohemia now almost gone, but fixed by image.

Felicia’s life beckons us to float freely inside this happy-sad collection. A reverie of images holding fast to life’s worth, as she dances on the edge with existential mirth…

Larry Fink

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