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Così è

Rhodri Jones



Così è

Photographs by Rhodri Jones

Texts: Leonard Fox; Monica Dematte


Dimensions of the book: 27,8cm x 18,7cm

84 pages  three-colour printing + 56 texts’s pages

Hardcover package

Published in English/Italian/Albanian/Chinese

Product Description

The photographs in this book portray in vivid images the life of a people who, for centuries, were little known beyond their own borders. Northern Albania, like the Caucasus, Tibet and Euzkadi (the Basque country), is a land protected – and cut off – from the rest of the world by great mountains and deep gorges. Like the inhabitants of those other regions, too, the Northern Albanians are a fiercely independent people who, over the course of untold generations, sacrificed countless lives to maintain their freedom and their unique culture.

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