Photography by Johanna Maria Fritz
Design by Ramon Pez

Edit: Sarah Leen

Texts by Philip Malzahn


Size of the book: 24 x 25 cm

164 pages – Four color printing

Published in English / Wolof / Farsi / Dari / Arabic / Russian / Hindi / Indonesian

First Edition 700 copies

ISBN: 9788894515541

Cover price: 50,00 Euro (VAT included)


Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Indonesia, India, Senegal and Dagestan – countries or regions known for troubled politics and dire living conditions. Places in which circus life offers rare moments of light-heartedness. This series captures the existence of acrobats, clowns and animal tamers – and what they do for their people, and for themselves. In Gaza, a tumbler boy says he feels “like a bird” when he goes out into the manège.

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