Graphic Notes I Franco Grignani I First Series


Graphic Notes – First Series “Franco Grignani”

Design by UNDO-REDO


4 Notebooks in a Box Set

Published in English

Cover price: 28,00 Euro (VAT included)


Graphic Notes” is a series of graphic notebooks that pays homage to the work of the great graphics masters of our time. The first series, dedicated to the work of Franco Grignani, is a limited edition of four notebooks that reinterprets some experimental styles of the prolific visual researcher. The author’s initials are hidden within distortions, overlays, and geometric games revealing themselves to the observant viewer. “Graphic notes” is dedicated to those who love to solicit the gaze and transform reality into a creative vision.

Graphic Notes” is a project born from the encounter between the creativity of the Undo-Redo graphic studio and  the savoir-faire of the L’Artiere printing.
Undo-Redo graphic studio gathers the duet of the artistic directors Teresa Gasperutti and Nicola Aguzzi. Since 2006, Undo-Redo draws  signes, builds shapes, conceives narratives out of images. In each of those realization, they look for meaning, esthetic coherence and elegance.

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